MEK6802D3 evaluation board. For operating instructions, see the MEK6802D3 manual.

[Quoted from the Motorola Master Selection Guide]

The MOKEP Microcomputer Kit Series

The MEK6802D3 Microcomputer Module is the heart of the new educational/evaluation product series, the MOKEP Family.

The MEK6802D3 is a self-contained system, utilizing an on-board hexadecimal keypad and an 8-digit LED display, and based on the MC6802 microprocessor and the MC6846 ROM/IO/Timer combination. On-board RAM includes 128 bytes in the MC6802, 128 bytes of Stack in one MC6810 which may be configured as Stack or User space. A full 2K firmware package is also included. The module has provided for expansion - a ROM socket is available for firmware supplied with some of the optional modules.

The module operates from a single 5-volt power supply. Maximum current required is 1 Ampere.

The MEK6802D3C Module is the same product without the keypad, display, and associated drivers.