MEK6800D1 Evaluation Kit

The MEK6800D1 Evaluation Kit was released in 1975 and is a stand alone system for the evaluation of the M6800 microprocessor. The board features the MIKBUG ROM. Two MC6820 Peripheral Interface Adaptors are included, one is used for the TTY or RS232C terminal interface running at 110 or 300 baud, and the other is available for general use. The board supports up to 640 bytes of RAM available for user programs, plus 128 bytes used by the MIKBUG firmware. A MC6850 ACIA is also included to support serial communication.

This board very similar to the M6800 Evaluation Module but adds support for the MC6850 ACIA for serial communication.

From the MEK6800D1 Kit

Motorola M6800 is the total product family for micro-computer systems

It is designed to achieve these primary objectives: Minimization of required components; minimization of required support packages; simplicity of interface; simplicity of power requirements; and system throughput.

The M6800 family of devices is coupled with comprehensive documentation, support hardware like the M6800 Evaluation Module and the M6800 EXORciser systems development tool along with support software that includes a cross assembler, and interactive simulator, build-virtual-machine and file system programs, available on G.E. timesharing.

The kit includes the follow integrated circuits:

  • M6800 Microprocessing Unit (MPU): 8-bit central control for Motorola's M6800 family, capable of addressing 64 K bytes of memory with the 16-bit address lines.
  • MCM6830L7 1024 X 8-bit Read Only Memory (ROM): Contains a program (MIKBUG) to load, display and output data for the M6800 microcomputer system.
  • 2 x MCM6810L1 128 x 8-bit Random Access Memory (RAM): Provides random storage in byte increments for bus-organized systems. Memory expansion is through 6 Select Inputs - four active low, two active high.
  • 2 x MC6820 Peripheral Interface Adapter (PIA): Provides universal meands of interfacing peripheral equipment to the MPU through two 8-bit bidirectional data buses and four control lines.
  • MC6850 Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter (ACIA): Provides data formatting and control to interface serail asynchronous data equipment to the bus organised MC6800 Microprocessor.

A MC1441 bit rate generator may be connected to the MC6850 ACIA to provide a suitable clock.


Thank you to Chris Hausler for photos.