M6800 Evaluation Module

The M6800 Evaluation Module was released in 1975 as a stand alone system for the evaluation of the M6800 microprocessor. The board features the MIKBUG ROM. Two MC6820 Peripheral Interface Adaptors are included, one is used for the TTY or RS232C terminal interface running at 110 or 300 baud, and the other is available for general use. The board supports up to 640 bytes of RAM available for user programs, plus 128 bytes used by the MIKBUG firmware.

The 'M6800 Evaluation Module Users Guide' contains the complete description and instructions, however I do not know of a copy. The 'M6800 Microprocessor Application Manual' has some information and a block diagram.

This board very similar to the MEK6800D1 Evaluation Kit as both use the MIKBUG firmware, and both support 640 bytes of user RAM plus 128 bytes of RAM used by the MIKBUG firmware. Both include two MC6820 PIAs, one for a terminal interface and the other available for general use. The MEK6800D1 additionally supports the MC6850 ACIA for serial communication, and the boards are distinctly different.